New and improved recipe: Raw rice milk

Rice milk is one of the world’s most popular plant milks. It’s suitable for people with dairy, gluten and nut allergies and also slow to digest (meaning that it works well for diabetics and people who … [Read More...]

Healthy alternatives for Christmas

We have collected various recipes, some vegan, some vegetarian, some traditional, made with almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, or their pulps. All these recipes are worthy of including in any … [Read More...]

taco oat milk

Tacos made with oat milk pulp

Our friend Ainhoa (Araba, Euskadi) has taught us this recipe. She is an excellent cook, as well as being a “Chufamixer”. She has shown us a simple trick for recycling the pulp of oat milk made from … [Read More...]

Plant milk training course

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Food and rights

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